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    I'm a designer - aka a problem solver - based in Oxford, UK.

    This site brings together the many threads of my work, the places I've lived, and the journeys that have brought me here.
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    What I'm working on

    The Global Academy are the researchers and academics working to help us achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.Barefoot Ceylon

    Global Academy; Global Goals

    Connecting the world's academic research towards the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

    The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are humanity's survival strategy. We need researchers worldwide to focus on the goals and collaborate internationally to help us reach the targets and achieve the goals.
    Our online portal showcases, encourages and measures research progress towards the goals. We show which researchers are working on which goals, how they are funded and where there are gaps.
    Why am I working on this . . . read more
    Global Academy JObs; Global jobs for world class candidates

    Global Academy Jobs

    Working with universities worldwide to promote academic mobility and international research collaboration

    Global Academy Jobs is a social enterprise built by universities to reach a truly international audience, while keeping recruitment advertising costs within budget.
    Global problems need international solutions. Our jobs board and career emails reach the academics and researchers who can help.
    I lead a young team, working from a small office in central Oxford, UK . . . read more
  • Work

    Some of the places I've worked and the people I've worked with

    Ask Around - recomendations from your Neighbours

    Ask Around

    An early community recommendation website
    Ottawa, Canada

    My first online business, possibly ahead of its time.


    Earl and Dagne at Foil media helped me put it together.


    The website is no longer visible but the blog articles are still online here.

    Toys mad by artisans in Cape Town South Africa

    Work with local artisans

    Cape Town

    South Africa

    Vincent and Maxwell were two of the craftspeople I worked with in Cape Town, helping them secure their supply of materials, settle into workshop space and weather business set-backs.
    See more pictures of their amazing work here.

    Children working with Montessori maths equipment

    Montessori Education

    Cape Town

    South Africa

    A parent-owned Montessori nursery school. Working with parents, teachers, pre-schoolers and other stakeholders to create a safe, multicultural environment in post-apartheid, South Africa.

    Barefoot, Ceylon

    Social enterprise producing beautiful handloom fabrics, toys, clothes, linens and much, much more.

    I returned to design work in 1989 when Barbara and Dominic Sansoni asked me to create toys, furniture, clothes, POS materials and lots, lots more for the amazing Barefoot workshops and retail spaces.

    Man cycles past a bullet marked building in Jaffna

    Construction Training for young people

    CARE International

    Jaffna, Sri Lanka

    Civil war in the North and East of Sri Lanka destroyed most of the housing, and put young men at risk of forced conscription. Construction industry training gave them focus, routine and employable skills.

    Children hauling water from a deep well in the desert, Western Sudan, 1984

    Famine relief in Western Sudan

    CARE International

    Western Sudan

    Several years of drought left remote communities few options but migration to overcrowded towns. Food distribution, particularly supplementary feeding for children, avoided displacement for some villages and saved many lives.

    This unique gallery of pictures tells some of the story.



    Refugee employment workshops


    Eastern Sudan

    I was assigned to the Sudanaid workshops as a technical volunteer to provide design, training and workshop management for 7 workshops across 5 refugee settlements.

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    Global Academy; Global Goals

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    Global Academy Jobs

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